Welcome to Mystic Sage Massage Therapy

My goal is to provide affordable massage therapy, yoga, and horse related services to the community. My practice is located at 10 West Main Street in Cortez, Colorado. I help individuals overcome various ailments by maintaining their good health and well being. Many different styles of massage are offered to cater to your individual needs. For your convenience, I also make myself available for private yoga sessions in your home and at the Hight of Wellness, and you are welcome to attend my public classes currently being held at various locations in Cortez. I customize my yoga classes around my student's varying abilities. These classes are comprised of both seasoned practitioners and those who have difficulty touching their toes.

I have an extensive background working with horses and integrate my skills with yoga and massage to help horse and rider form a great working partnership. Please see my background with horses for more information.

If you have any questions regarding my services please contact me at wendy@mysticsagemassage.com or call me at 970-799-2263.