My Goals

My goal is to help the horse and rider to work together with sound biomechanics for a pain free and happy partnership. Sore muscles can inhibit the ability of horse or human to function properly. However, this is far easier for the human to address than the horse. A horse's musculature makes up 60% of their total body weight. Horses are not born with riders on their backs and they need to be trained to carry the weight properly. Even with proper biomechanics and training, a horse is bound to be sore and develop muscle strains at some point. Due to the various demands we put on our horses such as jumping, dressage, cutting, barrel racing, reining and trail riding, horses need maintenance to obtain optimum performance.

How do horses tell us when they are hurting? The only way they have to communicate to us if something does not feel good is to act out, and sometimes this can be dangerous. I believe horses generally want to please their human partners and if they are falling short, then it could very possibly be due to muscular pain. Through massage and proper suppling exercises, a sound partnership may develop between horse and human. If your horse is acting out or has any of the symptoms from the list below then please consider using my services. I would love the opportunity to help both you and your horse to have a happy and pain free partnership.

  • Refusing or Resisting Leads
  • Difficulty with Lateral Movements
  • Hip and Shoulder Lameness
  • Shortened Stride
  • "Cold" Back
  • Training Problems
  • Attitude Trouble
  • Bucking